IPTV Multiroom

All the benefits of single subscription with multiple devices in the same household at the same time.

So if kids want to watch their own channels while you enjoy yours separately, then now you can with our multiroom subscription.


If you are going to buy an IPTV Package, You should be aware of the type of your product. If you have a single device for IPTV, then it’s OK. You can buy a normal IPTV Package and connect it to your device.

Usually, IPTV Accounts have a 1 device limit, That means Only 1 device can be using the Service simultaneously.

So, If you need to connect more devices, You have to purchase another account within the same time period. For example. If you have purchased a 6 Month account, You have to pay for another 6 Month account in order to have 2 simultaneous connections for the same account .
But, We have another option for you. You can buy our multiroom service, That provides IPTV service with a limit of 2 devices simultaneously. it means that you can have two devices working with the same account. MAG or M3U doesn’t matter. just buy a multiroom service, and connect it to your devices.

IPTV Multiroom Subscription

You just need to click on Order Now Button > Register in our client area > Order subscription > Pay us with available payment options.

After completion of payment, please fill payment verification form here. As our team verify your payment receipt, your subscription detail will be sent to you by email.

Multiroom requires all devices to be connected to same internet connection.

With Multi Room IPTV subscription Package You can Connect Only 5 devices At Same Time on Same Internet Connection.

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