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Please type your correct details to surely get free IPTV Trial Subscription, otherwise will not be replied.

  • Trial account will not be sent to one-time temporary / disposable e-mail addresses like mailinator, fake email generator etc.
  • Don’t apply behind a VPN.
  • Please do not send multi request for trial account. If you encounter any problems while applying please email us at [email protected] and we will help you with your request.
  • Trial account is usable for limited period (not 24 h).
  • For Enigma2 box, first download the plugin from here and install it in your box. After installation, provide us the MAC address that shown in the up right corner on the main page of plugin.
  • XtreamTv plugin of other IPTV providers won’t work with our service so please download the E2 plugin from our website.
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